12/A, 11th Floor (Lift) Noakhali Tower, 55/B, Purana Paltan
M: +880-241051218
  •  To establish effective interaction among all Islamic Banks & Banks having Islamic Branches/ Counters/Offices.
  •  To foster and strengthen the Bond of Unity and Co-operation and Relationship among Islamic Banks in the Country.
  •  To pursue the Common Interests of Islamic Banks with Bangladesh Bank, Government, Semi-Government and Non-Government agencies at home and abroad based on laws of the land.
  •  To give joint efforts for enactment of Islamic Banking Act in Bangladesh.
  •  To guide/support the establishment of Islamic Money Market in collaboration with all Islamic Banks.
  •  To help in the development of new Financial products, Treasury Bonds, Instruments, Mudaraba Bonds & Certificates by the Government Authorities within the purview of the Islamic Shariah.
  • To help the development of Syndicated/Consortium Financing of various projects by the Islamic Banks of the Country, publish and issue Periodicals, Newsletters, Bulletins or Magazines, Books, Pamphlets or other Literature on matters relating to Islamic Banking and any other related Subjects.
  • To organize and participate in Workshops, Symposia, Meetings, Discussions, Consultations, Seminars, Conventions and Conferences in Bangladesh or abroad.