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IBCF Research & Training Academy

The 49th Meeting of Islamic Banks Consultative Forum (IBCF) was held on Sunday the 16th October, 2016 while Engr. Mustafa Anwar, Chairman, IBCF & Chairman, Board of Directors of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited was presided over the meeting.

The Forum unanimously decided name the Training Institute as “IBCF Research & Training Academy” The Academy will focus the human capital & leadership development of mid & top level management to promote Islamic Banking Industry further.


The IBCF Research & Training Academy started its journey on October 29, 2016 to undertake research and provide training and information services in the member banks to help bring their Islamic Banking, Islamic economics and Islamic Finance activities in conformity with Shari’ah and for further economic development and cooperation amongst them.


The IBCF Research & Training Academy will also be dedicated to knowledge creation and dissemination in the fields of Islamic Shariah, Economics, Banking and Finance.


  •  To develop the manpower of all levels of the Islamic Banks & Banks having Islamic Branches & Windows on Banking and Economics with special emphasis on Islamic and Banking Economics .
  •  To develop knowledge and skill of the manpower on the practical operations of both Islamic Banking & Conventional System.
  •  To develop Training and Research capabilities among the manpower to enable them to provide technical assistance to local and overseas Banking and Financial Institutions.
  •  To conduct Research on Islamic Shariah and Literature with a view to collating specialized knowledge of Islamic Banking, Economic and Commercial, Financial and Development activities.
  •  To make the Islamic Banking System more effective and adaptable to the gradually changing situation through concerted efforts of Research and Studies
  •  To promote and undertake faculty development programmes to assure an adequate supply of competent trainers to institutions conducting training programmes for the personnel of banking and financial institutions.
  •  To maintain liaison with Islamic Banks and financial institutions and educational bodies for purposes of promoting education and training of Islamic Banking and financial institutions.
  •  To provide consultancy services to banks or any other institutions or individuals on matters having bearing on productivity in Islamic banking services, optimum use of financial resources or any other matter conducive to socio-economic welfare.
  •  To disseminate information and publish Periodicals, Newsletters, Bulletins or Magazines, Books, Pamphlets or other Literature on matters relating to Islamic Banking and any other related Subjects
  •  To establish, develop and maintain a rich library with books, research thesis relevant to Islamic Banking. The library will act as Central Library for the Islamic Banks keeping in view of the NEEDS, REQUIREMENTS AND STANDARDS, both National and International.
  •  To award diploma, distinctions and certificates and to prescribe standards of proficiency for the same.
  •  To confer honorary Academic awards, fellowship, scholarships, prizes money, medals and other distinctions
  •  To establish and maintain a fund with the contributions of IBCF RTA, other banking and financial institutions of both home and abroad and or any other organizations/institutions, for awarding scholarships for research fellows who intend to obtain Ph.D. or equivalent degrees from different Universities of Bangladesh.
  •  To conduct Seminars and Symposia on current Socia-economic issues confronting the Islamic Banking System.
  •  To organize and to participate in Workshops, Symposia, Meetings, Discussions, Consultations, Seminars, Conventions and Conferences in Bangladesh or abroad with or without the Government, Bangladesh Bank, or any other persons, Banks, Institutions, Corporations and all other Agencies, whether local or foreign in order to advance the cause of Islamic Banking.
  •  To develop of infrastructure projects, there is a far-reaching plan to establish a full- fledged Academic Complex, a Institute, a Hall Room, and an on-line Library.
  •  To review from time to time the impact of educational, training and research activities and offer suggestions for filling the gaps in the banking and financial systems.
  •  To do all such lawful things as the Academy may deem fit for attainment of all or any of the objectives.